Spring Cleaning Hacks to use

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Well it’s that time of year again, where the sun starts to peak out a little more than we are used to, the grass starts to become slightly more green, and it doesn’t dip down to -25 degrees Celsius anymore (at least not very often!)

With spring right around the corner, you may be looking to get a head start on your cleaning efforts, tackling everything you put off during the winter. 

In the spirit of kickstarting your spring cleaning, here are a few spring cleaning hacks you need to be using to make things a bit easier this year!

Magic Erasers For Your Walls

Staying inside all winter and working and playing from home means that our indoor spaces have taken a fair bit more wear and tear than usual. Your walls have probably paid the price in the form of fingerprints, oil splats, marks, scuffs, and other various stains that can make your surroundings look more like a zoo than you’d like.

Scrubbing away like a mad person with traditional cleaners on your walls isn’t usually your best bet. For most of these markings, a “magic eraser” is the most versatile solution. A magic eraser helps you tackle all sorts of stains and scuffs while not damaging your walls like other cleaning solutions may do.

A pack of “magic erasers” is also fairly cheap, so buy them in bulk to save for a rainy spring day!

Toothbrush Your Window Tracks

Window tracks are one of the most overlooked spots in a home when it comes to cleaning, which is probably why they are so prone to accumulating ample amounts of dirt and dander.

Window tracks can also be a pain to clean with all their grooves, divots, and bumps. A toothbrush is a perfect tool for the job – small enough to maneuver around, with bristles that can loosen up the dirt to be scooped up. A used toothbrush with flared-out bristles can also help dislodge all the grime helping you keep your window tracks free from debris.

Coca-Cola Your Driveway

Oil stains on your driveway and in your garage are not only unsightly, they are notoriously hard to get rid of if you let them sit for a prolonged period of time. Power washing them off can be a good solution, but what if you are short on time and need to get the job done quick? Coca-Cola is not only a soft drink but also a soft cleaner – used by many on their kitchen appliances and sinks to gently dissolve calcium buildup. Coke or Pepsi can also be used on pesky oil stains to help break them up ensuring that they do not take too deeply to the concrete. 

If you’ve sworn yourself off soft drinks as your New Years’ resolution, why not use them in another way this spring? 

Clean Your Kids Toys Quick

Your kids take their toys everywhere, and if they have any favorites, you can bet that they are taking them to places (like the bathroom) where they probably shouldn’t. Toys can easily collect various germs and types of bacteria that can make you and your family sick. 

A quick wash in a cold cycle of the washing machine may be just the solution for your on-the-go lifestyle, meaning you don’t have to spend any time at all scrubbing and wiping down action figures or stuffies.

Fabric Softener Sheets As A Duster

The most notorious offender in the whole spring cleaning equation is dust. Our homes and apartments get dusty often, meaning you constantly have to be armed with a duster to keep up the appearance of your home. With that being said, fabric softeners are easy duster replacements that will help you maintain the look of the surfaces of your bookshelves and furniture. 

If you’ve run out of dusting pads, dip into your stash of fabric softener sheets to help get rid of dander and dust within your home.

Are You Spring Cleaning For A Reason?

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