New Homeowner Questions – About My Utilities

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As a new homeowner, you may have questions about your utilities. Here are some helpful resources:

How do I set up my utilities?

To set up your Hydro and Gas bills, contact the following utility companies before your move in date. They will guide you through the process:

Hydro Ottawa

Enbridge Gas

Hydro One (for areas outside of Ottawa)

Ottawa Water and Sewer

How do I move my Internet to my new home?

If you have existing Internet, contact your internet provider to transfer to your new home:



How much will my bill be?

Curious about what the cost of utilities will be at your new home? You can call your local utility provider and ask them for the annual, or average monthly cost for your utilities. You just need the address of the home.

Hydro Ottawa – 613-738-6400

Hydro One – 1-888-664-9376

The average costs* for these utilities in Ottawa are:

Water $143.00 every two months

Hydro $114.00/month

Gas $140/month – Typically higher during the winter months and lower during the summer months.

You may consider equal billing, if your utility has this option. It will divide your yearly expected costs into equal monthly payments. This can make it easier to budget your utility costs. Always be aware that any cost differences will be paid at an end of year billing cycle. 

*average costs determined Nov 2021 and subject to change. 

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