New Homeowner – General Questions

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How do I end my tenancy with my landlord?

As a tenant, you are required to give notice when you are ending your tenancy. You have to give 60 days notice if you are moving before the end of your tenancy. If either the landlord or tenant want to end a tenancy before the end of a fixed lease, they are encouraged to speak to each other and negotiate a fair solution. 

For more information, read this helpful guide from the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Where do I get my mail?

Wondering where you will get your mail? Canada Post has the answers for you.

They can also forward your mail to your new address.

It is important to complete the following change of address forms:

What about recycling and garbage collection? 

The City of Ottawa has an app which helps you keep track of the schedule for garbage and recycling in your neighbourhood.

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