100+ Things to Say Goodbye to Right Now

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Now that you are on your way to a clutter free home, here are some things that you can easily say goodbye to. Spend ten minutes every day, and see if you can get through this list room by room. It feels so good to accomplish these little by little, every day.

Here is a list of things that you can get rid of, guilt free! 

  1. Tupperware with missing lids, or lids without containers.
  2. Expired pantry items. (Canned goods, oils, teas, flour, oats, spices, etc.)
  3. Expired freezer items. (especially items with freezer burn)
  4. Take-out menus.
  5. Take-out containers and take-out condiments.
  6. Plastic utensils.
  7. Junk mail.
  8. Bills you have already paid. 
  9. Broken or chipped dishes.
  10. Mugs that you don’t use. (we all have our favourites!)
  11. Cook books you don’t use. 
  12. Old water bottles and travel mugs.
  13. Bakeware that you don’t use.
  14. Pots and pans that you don’t use.
  15. Old calendars.
  16. Grocery bags. 
  17. Old oven mitts and dish towels/cloths.
  18. Kitchen gadgets or small appliances that you don’t use.
  19. Cutlery that you don’t use.
  20. All those extra things that you don’t use. (if you haven’t ever used it, you probably won’t.)
  1. Product samples.
  2. Old makeup. (some items have a shelf life of only 6 months)
  3. Old perfume. (10 years or older)
  4. Old nailpolish. (1-2 years or older)
  5. Expired skincare products.
  6. Expired hair products.
  7. Old facecloths.
  8. Stained and worn towels. (Can be donated to animal shelters)
  9. Old razors
  10. Broken brushes.
  11. Old hair ties, hair items. 
  12. Old toothbrushes.
  13. Expired medicine.
  14. Expired vitamins and supplements.
  15. Expired first aid items.
  1. Old sheets.
  2. Stained pillowcases.
  3. Old worn blankets and pillows.
  4. Books you don’t like. 
  5. Old handbags (you will not use again.)
  6. Clothes that don’t fit.
  7. Clothes that are stained or damaged.
  8. Clothes that you don’t like. 
  9. Underwear that is old. 
  10. Bras that are old.
  11. Old pajamas.
  12. Accessories that you don’t wear. 
  13. Broken jewelry. 
  14. Old prescription glasses. 
  15. Old belts that are worn. 
  16. Socks without mates.
  17. Candles that you don’t use anymore.
  18. Broken hangers.
  19. Knick-knacks.
  20. Old decor.
  21. Shoes that you don’t wear.
  22. Broken chargers.
  1. Old batteries. 
  2. Old receipts.
  3. Business cards.
  4. Expired coupons.
  5. Phone books. (do people still have these?)
  6. Appliance manuals.
  7. Broken pens.
  8. Unidentifiable keys.
  1. Old worn blankets.
  2. Old remotes.
  3. Out-dated decor.
  4. Dead plants.
  5. Worn coasters
  6. Games that you no longer use or love.
  7. Toys that your kids no longer use or love. 
  8. VHS, CDs, DVDs or other old technology that you no longer use.
  9. Old magazines
  10. Books that you don’t love. 
  1. Appliances you don’t use.
  2. Cleaning items you don’t use, or have expired.
  3. Old gift wrapping. (Paper, bags and tissue paper that you don’t use.) A small supply is okay.
  4. Craft supplies that you don’t use. 
  5. Exercise equipment that you don’t use. (We still encourage keeping fit! If you keep it, use it!)
  6. Worn or old furniture.
  7. Old coats or sports equipment that you don’t use.
  8. Bins with sentimental items. (Remember you can take pictures of items and save some space.) 
  9. Unused or broken containers or bins that you don’t use. 
  10. Old tools and equipment that you don’t use.
  11. Old artwork that you don’t love.
  12. Unused bottles and jars.
  13. Broken or unused patio furniture.
  14. Baby furniture, toys and clothing that you no longer need.
  15. Outdoor sports equipment that you don’t use. (Bikes, balls, skis, etc.)
  16. China and dishware that is collecting dust in a box or bin.
  17. Old instruments that no one plays.
  18. Extra home decorations that you don’t use. 
  19. Old textbooks and reference books.
  20. Old clothes.
  21. Excessive plastic bags.
  22. Leftover party decorations.
  23. Outdated manuals.
  24. Broken items you planned to fix, but didn’t.
  25. Old electronics.
  26. Old hangers.
  27. Old paint.
  28. Anything that has not been used in over a year that you don’t love or need!

If you have items that have value or are still in good condition, you may be able to sell them or give them to a charity. We love the idea of giving things a second life. We are not encouraging people to get rid of “stuff”, but to look at your items with fresh eyes, and see if there are things that are taking up space in your home. Decluttering can bring you peace of mind and help you create your happy place at home!

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